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Chris B.

January 19, 2017
Follow up, follow up, follow up and constant communication with me, ( the agent) and my client. Gary's staff is the best!

January 18, 2017
We had a wonderful experience. Gary is proof that the online business is NOT enough when dealing with the largest check you will be writing out of your checkbook every single month.

January 18, 2017
Gary a very good communication Plan in place . He has a way of explaining all the different loan programs so that your buyers understand
Michae H.

January 16, 2017
He kept me informed and up to date on all process es. He got it done quick and easy. I would definitely work with him again.
Edward C.

January 16, 2017
Very informative and answered all questions. Kept in touch through out process.
Monica V.

January 16, 2017
Nick was the best realtor I have ever had! This home purchase was an extremely difficult one for me as the seller and for him as well I am sure. Whatever the challenge, Nick went above and beyond to smooth issues out, answer my questions, and to stay on top of it all. I am glad that it is over and am also glad that I had Nick and his team throughout the process. I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to others.
Gerald L.

January 16, 2017
The entire process was seamless. Nick and his team made the entire refinance process go smoothly without any problems. Nick was upfront with my different options and did not pressure me into anything I wasn't comfortable with. He provided all the professional services that you always want in one of our life's biggest transactions: honestly, integrity, and competence. I will definitely recommend Nick to my friends and family.
Cathi J.

January 16, 2017
Larry was very proficient and had answers for all my questions. He made my refi easy.
Travis A.

January 16, 2017
Larry was very professional and extremely patient with us through this entire refinancing process. Guided us along the way on a very expedited manner. At any given time day or late night he was there for us. I definitely asked a zillion why's and how comes. We had a long process to get this done. We are so thankful and very much appreciate everything Larry did for us.
William P.

January 16, 2017
Tobie and team provided and excellent experience. Highly recommended!

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