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September 03, 2018
Very helpful answer all my questions

September 02, 2018
Mauricio is quick at responding, is very knowledgeable, and was able to work with the lenders professionally in a timely matter. Any questions we had, he explained the answer very well.

September 01, 2018
Muy buena experiencia y comunicación continua y grata todo muy bien

September 01, 2018
Carol was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful through our entire process. Thank you for everything!

September 01, 2018
Gina is very hands on with a great personality. Her attention to detail is spot on. Gina made the loan process so smooth it was like It wasn’t even a streesfull thing at all . I will always use her.
Ty S.

September 01, 2018
She was fast and polite and with Ben as my realtor they are a heck of a team. She immediately got me qualified and approved. Ben met me at some interesting properties and provided some very good advice. Thanks you two.
ncl 9.

September 01, 2018
Cathy was extremely helpful from the very beginning. She was able to ensure we got into the house on a very tight timeline. Very grateful to have been able to work with Cathy.

September 01, 2018
My fiancé and I enjoyed working with Gary and his team with the purchase of our first home. He truely cares about his clients. I highly recommend Gary!
Patricia m.

September 01, 2018
Gary was extremely professional and super nice. He was all about getting us a loan but doing it right! He wasn't about the short cuts, he was all about what was going to work in our favor. He walked us threw EVERYTHING! And i mean everything. He explained things over and over to us if we didnt get it. We were 2 young, first time buyers, and he helped us understand everything we needed to know. I like that we were able to see him and sit down with him at the very beginning just so he can tell us everything we needed to work on and what we are looking for saving wise. He was so grateful to explain to us the ins and outs, even if we weren't ready for such a big loan. Gary and his team worked hard and fast!!! Got our loan done amd closed in 18days i believe. They take a challenge and get it done. I absolutely recommend him and his team!!

August 31, 2018
Angela was extremely communicative and supportive throughout the process!

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